Chiel Damen

Founder of Mixed Groundz

My name is Chiel Damen. I was born in Zaandam, grew up in Koog aan de Zaan. I completed the Lindenboom primary school and then passed my HAVO diploma at St. Michael College. I grew up in the flower district, where I learned to play football on Troelstraplein until my teenage years. In the years that followed, I could often be found on the street under the A8. Anytime, anywhere with a ball under my foot.

Inspired and raised by the success of Ajax in the 90s, I have always been very curious and serious when it comes to football. Unfortunately I was unable to realize my childhood dream myself.

As a field footballer I have gone through all selection teams in the youth academy of KFC 1910. After that I played football in the selections of KFC, Fortuna Wormerveer and sc Hercules Zaandam. From the age of 17 to 23 I played indoor football in the first team of The Counters, including two seasons in the KNVB Top class. Since this season I have been part of futsal club FC Zaanstad (FC ZS) in the Zaanse Koepel Hoofdlasse as a player / coach.


As a trainer my carriere started at KFC 1910. Head of Youth Education Peter Hemmen approached me in 2010 to be youthcoach of the C-juniors (U15). After two seasons of C-juniors and six months of A-juniors (U19), I decided to fully focus on my activities for the ZSAlliance foundation. After the manifestation of the Zolar Sport Academy I worked as a trainer / coach on several projects, including school football tournaments and  beginning of FC Zaanstad.

In 2015 I started at Fortuna Wormerveer as a trainer of the U8 selection. After obtaining my diploma KNVB Junior Trainer and TSM Technique skills I got promoted to Head of Youth U7 till U12 teams. It give me great satisfaction to share my own experience with the youth and to stimulate them with innovative and creative training. The energy that I put into it comes back to me by 200%.

This year I obtaining the diploma sports masseur at the Wellness Academy. Physiotherapy and shiatsu always had my interest. Because of my injuries as a player I did a lot of self research over the last ten years.